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JEREMY DEAN is an Actor from New Orleans, LA. He is known for his work on the award winning Netflix Series "Ozark," TV series "LBJ" and feature film "Sacred Motivation." Jeremy has worked on notable short films including Director Zac Stracener's "Broken Valor" and Khayyam Khan's "Birth Right."

Jeremy started out in local theatre in roles such as Peter in "The Diary of Anne Frank" and Harold Hill in "The Music Man." Jeremy was picked up by his first agent after directing him in theatre and helped him transition into film acting.

Jeremy was born in Hattiesburg, MS and grew up in New Orleans, LA. His family was relocated after Hurricane Katrina. Jeremy moved back to New Orleans after completing college with a major in theatre to pursue his acting career.

Height: 5"9

Eye Color: Green/Blue

Hair Color: Brown​

Location: New Orleans, LA

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